About us

Allow me to introduce my English Bulldog kennel "FANTASTIK DOG" where we propagate dogs of high show and breeding qualities with good health and excellent heredity. I have been enthusiastic about cynology (breeding and training) since 1978. At the beginning the subject of my interest were German Shepherds and I was devoting myself to them for 14 years, but then English Bulldogs got into the field of my vision. The breed carried me away more and more, and in 1999 my English Bulldog kennel "Fantastik Dog" was registered officially.

Later on my enthusiasm was divided by my friends and colleagues who also became bulldoggers, and so many dogs of the "Fantastik Dog" kennel are in mutual ownership and their owners represent a united team and any moment are ready to help and to support each other and new dog owners, and are united by mutual work and big mutual love for bulldogs. We are not simply professionals - we do our favourite work. Out motto is Love and Knowledge!

In this devision we offer you to get acquainted with all the members of out team, to survey the retrophotogallery and the electronic copy of our kennel. We hope that the mutual stay at our virtual home will be pleasant and interesting for you, and the recommendations concerning its arrangement will help you to avoid a lot of mistakes if one day you choose to begin your own progress to the summits of the cynological success.

Our team Kennel arangement