The majority of experienced cynologist remember the time when the word „cage” was associated only with a zoo or a military cynologic kennel. But a rivate owner`s dog accordingly to that time recommendations was to have its place „in dry, warm and well ventilated corner of a house or an apartment, far from doors and heating devices ”.

By word of mouth and written upon the paper it is all right. But everybody who had to bring up a puppy knows how far a theory is from practice and how a small sweet velvet creature, being left alone, can in several minutes ruin your flat like a real terminator. And it will be all right if only the flat and not the puppy itself suffers (about the troubles waiting for the puppy who is left without supervision you can read in the article „Your apartment is full of danger”).
But how to bring up a puppy sparing him, your nerves and your property?
To begin with, answer the question: when your child was a small baby, did you use a playpen? If you did, from the moment of its purchase your life probably became much easier. The same happens when you buy a cage for your puppy.

I anticipate charges with cruelty and fears for puppies` psychology. But before you utter such words i ask you to recollect that domestic dogs belong to the canine family, and wild canines rear their offsprings in burrows, that is to say, in a limited space. So for a puppy it is quite natural to have a small private space, he is calm and comfortable there. To slep in a center of a room for a puppy is just the same as to stay overnight in a gymnasium for us: a lot of place, but uncomfortable and uninviting.
Having accustomed your puppy to the cage at the right moment, you settle a lot of problems, save yourself from disturbance and troubles and the puppy from dangers and stresses in the present and the future.
Yes, it is quite right, in the future, because travelling together with your dog, going to the show and so on you will provide the dog with a home outside your home by installing and equuipping a cage. Placing the cage inside your car you will secure the dog`s safety during the trip: the dog will not get a trauma at the time of an abrupt braking, jump uot of an open window etc. If the dog falls ill and it is necessary to leave him in a veterinary clinic for treatment, the cage will help to avoid disturbance and stress and so the dog`s situation will not get worse.

The cage will help to accustome a growing puppy to discipline, and a younger puppy to neatness.
To begin with, a puppy is to be shut in the cage, with a bedding and toys, for a little while only. Then the time of confinment is increased, but very gradually. But by no means keep the puppy shut up all day long! The size of the cage must allow the puppy to stand and to turn around freely and also to lie stretching.
After letting the puppy out of the cage you must play and communicate with him to his heart`s content. Everything must be balanced, and all miracles of civilization demand adequate payment from us!