This division consisting of several photogalleries will acquaint you with the show trophies and achievements of our dogs and also with my personal hobbies.

The collection of cups had its origin in 1993 and is being replenished up to now thanks to show successes of the dogs of our kennel. The selection of books about bulldogs allows to find answers for practically all questions regarding the breed peculiarities which can be asked both by beginners and experienced dog owners and to avoid a number of mistakes.

Achievements Collection The beautiful and the celebrated

Dogs are not my single hobby. In the gallery "Hobbies apart from the Dogs" you can see my works in the field of artistic design of caskets in "de coupage" style, flowers made according to the Brazilian technique of plaiting from wire, thread and beads and also experiments in designing interiors and image designing.

Hobbies apart from the Dogs Image design