Bulldogs and sport

It sounds quite astonishing, but the bulldog is a wonderful dog not only "for one's soul", but also for training, sports and competitions.
In Latvia there were and there are several bulldogs having passed the GTC (General Training Course) and the PGS (Protecting and Guarding Service) examinations, as well as bulldogs - brilliant participants in the Agility competitions and the night trials. And they are by no means "show failures" but quite high-class show dogs. Here are some of them: Allof King - GTC-1, PGS-1, exterior mark "excellent";
Frontier Album'35 - GTC-1, LV, EST CH, multiple Club Winner;
Yudzhin Orlan Zlat - GTC-1, PGS-2, "excellent";
Milad Rendi Frontik - GTC-1, "excellent", 2xCAC.

Especially I'd like to mention the multiple Agility competitions Winner Nix Mirey Oikol ("excellent", Latvian young Winner). I shall remind you what Agility is.
It is the overcoming by a dog the zone of obstacles which has the length from 100 to 200 metres depending on the category of difficulty. At the time of passing the route the owner is running at the dog's side controlling the dog's actions. To become the winner one is to be the quickest and to get the least quantity of penalty points. In Agility there are no limitation according to dog breeds, dogs are classificated only according to their size (height) - "standard" , "midi" and "mini", and also according to the class of a competition. Agility is not only speed-running in all sences of the notion, it is the competition in dexterity, quickness of wit and endurance, and the English Bulldog is quite suitable for this kind of sports as he possesses the above-mentioned qualities in full measure.
When Jeta (Nix Mirey Oikol's actual name) appeared at an Agility competition for the first time, the rivals and concurrents were frankly laughing and comparing her to a sumo wrestler going to run a high-speed distance. But their irony yielded to badly hidden envy when Jeta proved not only her ability to compete but also her leading position in the group. One of the international category judges at the competition with Jeta's participation was just screaming for delight and repeating: "For twenty years I have been judging Agility, but I have never seen anything like this!" You can see the picture of Nix Mirey Oikol and her sertificates at our site. She is a daughter of the famous Dick ze Zubrnickeho Grunty CS (my first bulldog) and Violetta Nika.
As to the night trials (which is something like a horror chamber for dogs), here bulldogs also show themselves only from the best side, leaving behind the breeds which traditionally are regarded as "classic" for training and sports.

Here are some of them:
Nix Mirej Oikol
Judzin Orlan Zlat
Solomon Gold Diamond
Jasmin Gold Diamond
and many others.

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