Bulldogs in Latvia

The very first bulldogs appeared in Latvia in 1979. They were two bitches, litter sisters brought from Estonia by Irina Fomina. Unfortunately both of them died young and did not leave any progeny.

After several empty years bulldogs from Russia were brought to Latvia, but they were dogs of low quality and had general drawbacks: too large stature, light bone, too simple heads. The quality of the breed began to improve seriousely when Dick ze Zubrnickeho Yruntu CS (1) was brought from Czechia. He appeared to be a prepotent sire and practically during a single generation did away with the main drawback of our bulldogs of the time, too long and straight jaws. Simultaneously with him Ser Hogo Fogo of Baskervil (2) and Kent Edmond Wudstok Loksli (3) were used in breeding. Dick`s daughters were bred to Largo Zlata Shelma (4) who secured the results. The next stud dog, Barrister`s Charles Barkley (5), came from USA at the age of 5 years and improved our bulldogs` bone. Barkley had remarkable health and lived to 14.5 years! Then I brought Frontier Album`35 (6) from Slovakia; during 9 years of his life he also left a seriuos imprint in the history of the Bulldog Club and „Fantastik Dog” kennel.
During some time we used at stud the dog of English blood Fearnought Mister Rough (7), but having a beautiful head himself he often gave puppies with a wry jaw, so his employment was rather limited.
Later on, a great tribute to the breed`s development was made by Edward in Ebony Liatris Bulls (8) of Czechia, Hall`s Mister Derek (9) of the USA and Extrem`s Virile (10) of Sweden. Ufortunately, the latter died of heat stroke at the age of 3 years.
After that I brought from Lithuania Enriko Michael Pera (11) who was being used in Latvia a little longer than 2 years, and I began to use Dussy Vivilergus Noboz`s (12) who was born in Latvia from the pairing in Czechia. From Czechia also Murphy Boy Bulldog Mi-Ol-Win (13) and Andy Ronbell (14) were brought; both of them later on gave the remarkably healthy and beautiful progeny. At the same time other stud dogs were also used: Fantastik Dog Feieringus Feierverk (15) having ¾ of English bloodlines in his pedigree; Boatswain Christian of Liatris Bulls (16); Boatswain Easyrider (17); Lionel Sure of Oneself (18), Jake of Jaminik Liatris Bulls (19) imported from Czechia.
We get quite good puppies from Dom Rijego Psa Amadeus (20) who was brought from Russia and from Fantastik Dog Lorgan Lorg (21) and Fatnastik Dog Kumir Korn (22), both born in Riga. The latter especially is a beautiful and prepotent dog, the obviuos favourite of the 2006 year season.
Great expectation are now being laid upon the litters sired by imported from England Terlingfair Rooney Mystyle (23) who has stayed in Latvia for a short time and brought ftom Hungary young dog Lemon Vom Mohino Morrales (24).

Below you can see the scheme of the male dogs usage in breeding, with indication of the obtained puppies quantity by December 2007, and the archival photos of the male dogs.