Puppy`s owner, be careful! Your flat is full of danger!

As the famous captain Vrungel (a personnage of the famous children`s book) said, "If you have taken a passenger, create the appropriate conditions for him!” How to create the conditions for a puppy`s safe living n a usual flat? First of all we must remember that a puppy is the same as a child, and a curious child who is poking his nose everywhere and sinking his teeth into everything; so he can get into trouble easily. A playful puppy, running up and down the rooms and "relaxing”, can overthrow an ironing board with a scorching hot iron upon himself, touch an uninsulated wire and get an electroshock, get into a wardrobe and find himself locked there by accident, upset a cup of boiling water upon himself, get poisoned with house-hold chemical goods, garden chemicals, poisonous plants, medical preparations and cosmetics. There is an unbelievably great number of such dangers in an ordinary flat. Where are they concealed then? Look at the pictures and you will understand what troubles await a puppy in the flat and in the house and how to prevent them.

Do not leave your puppy alone in the kitchen where he can scald himself with boiling water and burn himself against the owen.
Refuse bin
Do not leave it open. Food waste contains a lot of bacteria dangerous both for people and dogs.
When you are leaving, it will be better to close it. The puppy is quite capable of getting upon the windowsill, lose his balance and fall down.
Roasted (boiled and other) chicken
Do not leave food upon the kitchen table, othervise your dinner quite possibly can be consumed by the puppy and do him much harm: chicken bones can hurt severely the puppy`s gullet, stomach and intestines and cause their perforation which will result in the puppy`s death.
Tinned food
Do not leave open tins at the places accessible for the puppy. He will hardly resist the temptation to lick them and can cut himself upon the sharp edges.
Sharp knives
A falling knife is a serious danger for a puppy.

Electrical wires
Puppies as a rule try to gnaw the wires and if the insulation is damaged they can get an electroshock.
The fire burning in the fireplace seems very attractive to the four-footed imp, who runs the risk of burning himself if he comes too near.
Statuettes, bagatelles and so on
If not a very steady object is standing low and on the edge, it will almost for sure occur broken on the floor. The puppy in that case can hurt himself.
Sewing and knitting
Do not leave any handiwork without control. Puppies love to play with clews and to tear yarn and fabrick. The pieces, having got into the stomach, can do much harm. To say nothing of the needles.
Leaving the room, never leave the balcony door open!

Medical preparations and cosmetics
The puppy can decide to play with bright coloured cases and containers lying on the bedside table and get poisoned.
Indoor plants
The leaves of many indoor plants are poisonous for animals. It is recommended to place the poisonous plants high enough or to buy only well-known and quite safe plants.

Best of all do not let the puppy into the bathroom.
Bath mat
The puppy can gnaw he edges of a woolen or nylon mat and choke or get poisoned with them.
Do not leave the hairdryer switched on the socket, the puppy can bite at the wire and get all the following consequences.
Washing mashine
Keep the washing machine door closed. Puppies like to sleep at the most inappropriate places. Just fancy what will happen if the machine is switched on by mistake!