Biologically Active Alimentary Supplements

All experienced owners and breeders know that using any method of feeding it beautiful dog without adding to the diet biologically active alimentary supplements-BAASs. And what’s more, the efficiency of one or another supplement is best of all seen in large kennels since the owners every day watch their effect upon large number of dogs of one and the same breed but of different ages , living in the same conditions and getting the same food.
And since we also belong to the aforesaid category of owners, we’d like to share with you our observations and experience in that sphere of activity.
So the first question asked by a person who has bought a puppy from us, is as follows :
,,And what for, generally speaking, does a dog need BAASs ?,,
We shall try to explain it in quite a simple way.
It is a great pity, but our everyday reality is an aggressive chemicalized environment. Together with us here live also animals-our,, junior brothers,, (but may be our elder brothers judging by their spiritual qualities).And they all are much more exposed to the influence of the surrounding factors (growth, short duration of life, imposing, and so on).In connection with it the average life duration of modern dogs is equal to 10 years, though the nature has programmed the duration of life of the canine in domestic environment up to 16-18 years. Why is it so? As it has been said already, the dog’s organism is constantly exposed to the influence of some harmful factors which in complex, even in the minimum concentration, lead to alternation of the organisms Inner condition. The normal course of biochemical processes is violated and, as a result, the adaptive abilities of the organism are reduced and the balance of oxidation and reestablishment is upset. And because of that it is necessary to equalize the organism’s inner condition, which by virtue of some reasons is impossible to make by any single, even the most,, balance,, method of feeding, without using the BAASs.
,, Do dogs need BAASs during all time of their life or only in certain definite periods? ,,
Yes, it is necessary to use BAASs during all time of dog’s life.
For young dogs it is necessary first of all because of the negative factors influence to which young organisms are liable much more that grown-up ones. BAASs are very important for building perfectly valuable biological material since grooving young dogs of giant breeds can have skeletal and other problems even with an ideally balanced diet. We must not also forget about creating perfect reproductive functions and the possibility of getting healthy descendants from our young dogs in future.
But for the elder animals BAASs are necessary because of the age changes in their organisms: the digestion is unsettled and distorted the fermentation system loses its activity, the endurance to the deficit of different nutriments and to the abrupt changes of the diet is reduced. And because of that the substances normalizing fermentative functions and digestion and stabilizing the immune system are necessary in this period of life.
But since minerals are practically not assimilated by an elder organism, they must be additionally brought in from outside.
,, Is it necessary to use BAASs when feeding dogs with dry food and why is it so? ,,
Yes, it is necessary, as dry food is first of all a purified product, or rather it consists of purified products which by themselves are already toxic and cannot contain the quantity of substances necessary for building a cell, and so we must add amino acid, valuable minerals, irreplaceable fatty acid and vitamins to the dry dog food.
To confirm our point of view we shall tell about the true incident which has happened this year at our kennel. As it was already told in the article about feeding the dogs, we feed our animals with natural products. But once there happened an interruption in the meat delivery, and for two days we had to feed the dogs with the addition of large quantity of dry food (and not the cheapest kind of it!) to their usual diet. For the first day everything was all right, for the second it also looked so, but in the morning of the third day some dogs disgorged the half-digested dry food, which in itself is not terrible, quite explainable and normal during such an abrupt change of a diet. Interesting is another thing; I’ll remind that the dry food was contained in the dogs’ stomach for 12 hours and was disposed to the action of gastric juice and ferments so the matter disgorged by the dogs was forwarded to the compost heap and covered with mowed grass and cut branches. All this was poured over with the solution of bacteria quickening the process of rotting. It happened at the beginning of autumn. The compost was rotting during all the autumn, winter and spring. By the end of spring the obtained black soil was sifted through a wire-ret. And somehow or other, everything was rotten but the dry dog food which remained the same as all these months ago. I rotting environment and being already half-digested! As they say, no commentaries,, .
Well, what do animals get from BAASs?
Rectification from the toxins and replenishment with wholesome bacteria deliver animals from dysbacteriosis, replenishment of alimentary and elementary composition and correction of immunity system takes place. The action of affected vitally important organs is reestablished, the amino acid and fatty metabolism is normalized.
Why do we use BAASs designed for people and not especially for animals?
Because in creating BAASs for people more strict criteria of appraising and testing are applied. The demands to these products are very high, but in veterinary science more coarse chemical reagents are used. Such practice often creates resistance to many antibacterial preparations and antibiotics. And as a result animals that have no right to choose must go all the way from the small to the big chemistry which often becomes his reason of their death.
What are the main effects of BAASs?
1) Sanitation (improvement of the animal’s heath).
2) Prophylaxis (prevention of a number of diseases and adaptation of the organism to the conditions of the environment).
3) Preparation (preparing of the organism for treatment with synthetic preparations).
4) Protection (softening of the synthetic preparations action during their application).
5) Reestablishment (restoring the organisms after treatment with synthetic preparations and after surgery).
6) Medical therapeutical action (during acute diseases as a main remedy: during chronic conditions).
Why do we use just these BAASs and not any other?
Having devoted to cynology more than 30 years and during this time having watched the growth and development of a great number of puppies and dogs of different breeds, through our own attempts and mistakes we have stopped upon the production of the Chinese corporation ,, Tiens,, and at present we consider these BAASs to be the most suitable for rearing up English bulldogs (and not only English bulldogs). And enough is as good as a feast.

The choice of a supplement depends on the age of the animal and its health condition.
First of all, irrespective of age, all animals must get "Ca".

Са I can imagine your skepticism:,, They really have found with what to surprise us, there is plenty of it in dispensaries and pet shops, you can choose any one…’’
But, as it occurs, vegetative and also coral and oyster ,,Ca’’ do not work in mammals’ organism since mammals have a peculiar type of metabolism, in their organism only organic ,,Ca’’ of animal origin can work.
In nature ,,Ca’’ exists in the state of ions, but further on, having got into an organism (into the small intestines), it turns into a molecule which cannot get into a cell independently as only ions can go through the cell pores. To decompose this molecule, as it was considered earlier, phosphorus and “D” vitamin, were to be used. Do you remember glycerophosphate “Ca”, gluconate and so on? By 1985 it has become clear that it was not enough and the World Health organization appointed a contest for the best ,,Ca’’ preparation. The gold medal was awarded to Chinese Academy of sciences. Thy created a stable “Ca’’ ion, which having got into the small intestines, did not turn into a molecule, but circulated into all the cells at once. Milliards of “Ca” ions come into cells and go out of them; when they come into a muscle cell, it contracts, and when they go out, it relaxes. And there is life in it, because in an organism everything is based upon the muscle contractions: the work of the heart, the intestines, the eyes and all the rest.

It is difficult to overestimate the meaning of “Ca” as a general health improving remedy, during any allergic reaction, skin diseases, and also for correct development of the locomotive system as approximately 97% of the bone tissue structure are represented by ,,Ca’’: it is ,,Ca’’ which gives durability to the bone tissue and makes it the supporting element for all the organism construction.

Zn - is one of the most important microelements containing in all the cells and tissues of an organism, but unfortunately in very small quantities, sometimes only as traces. Without “Zn” about 80 ferments cannot fulfill their functions (and in dogs’ organism the situation with ferments is not too brilliant as it is!). This mineral takes part in more than 200 metabolic processes of an organism, its presence is essential for growth, for correct functioning of the immune system, for vision. It is also essential for normal skeleton development and for tissues regeneration. It takes part in proteins and nuclear acids (the cell genetic material) formation. It has an influence upon the state of skin, hair and nails, restores the sense of smell and taste.

Veikan – stimulates the muscular action and the sexual glands activity, it promotes the normal progress of pregnancy and foetus development, takes an active part in semen formation, improves the reproductive function, influences the intensity of growth. It gives excellent results when treating animal articulations. ,, E’’ vitamin which comes into the “Veikan” composition successfully takes away the convulsions caused by disturbing of blood circulation, helps to treat skin diseases. Lecithin, linoleic, linolic acids strengthen the cell membrane, hold up the process of ageing and improve the quality of hair..

Spirulina – is a living fossil. In present days this microscopic water plant which appeared on our planet 3 million years ago is considered to be an elixir of health and longevity. It has the first place in the world according to its healing qualities. It consists of 65% of valuable protein, 9 indispensable amino acids, all the essential vitamins and also minerals ,,Ca, P, Mg, Na, K, Fe, GLA acid, and the most important is the really precious Alfa - Linoleic acid which apart from Spirulina can be encountered in nature only in mother’s milk.

Chitosan – is produced from sea crab shell, it is biological cellular tissue and adsorbent. Taking info account its powerful regenerating action, it can be used internally and externally when treating a lot of skin diseases- from a light irritation to a deep abscess. Dogs take perfectly the local applications of the preparation. It helps very well to treat the chronically dog’s ears processes. Since Chitosan absorbs and leads out of an organism the toxic products of metabolism and heavy metal salts, it is recommended for treating poisonings of different character.

Cordyceps – is a preparation containing the powder of fermented extract from the fungus Cordyceps. It improves the state of the immune system, intensifies the stability against virus diseases, pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms, stimulates the activity of lymphocytes. It is to be used during any chronic disease, during hypoimmune state in particular.


Ikan – is manufactured on the basis of one of the lianas growing in China. It contains the active substances named saponins which resemble ginseng. It is a strong antioxidant, it intensifies metabolism, strengthens endurance and stability against stress. In veterinary practice it is used for treating diabetes, heart, liver and kidney diseases, during increased excitability and oncological problems.


Digest – contains living bacteria and cellular tissue. It is used as a supplement during artificial rearing of puppies, for constipation and diarrhea prophylaxis in sucking puppies and during any disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract.