Zoo-massage school

Every dog owner sooner or later may face a situation when one has to struggle for their dog’s health and life quality by all possible and impossible means. And in some situations the classical veterinary medicine does not help; sometimes the alternative or natural veterinary medicine is necessary, and it gives really unexpected and stunning results. To begin with, let us look at one specific situation. A two-month-old bulldog puppy was brought to his new home. After playing a lot he got tired and fell asleep in the most unsuitable place for it – in the kitchen. Young owners did not want to disturb the tired puppy and they did not carry him to his basket. They would definitely have done that if they had known the consequences of sleeping in the kitchen. This is what happened – a big jar of juice fell on the floor next to the puppy and broke into pieces; of course, that was accompanied with a very loud crash. The frightened puppy twitched abruptly, then he tried to jump on his legs but he could not; he was crawling away from the terrible place using his front legs, dragging his back legs like a seal drags its flippers. A veterinarian was sent for at once, and the terrible truth was that the puppy had been paralyzed. Two weeks of treatment in the clinic gave no results, the outlook was the worst and the veterinarians recommended euthanizing the puppy. However, all that was unacceptable for the owners, so the family decided to turn to a chiropractor. The chiropractor did not have enough courage to help, but advised to start using massage. Fortunately, they managed to find a specialist in this field among the bulldog people, and that person agreed to help, but under one condition. During the whole course of massage the puppy had to live in that person’s house and the person was not supposed to give any comments on what he was doing. There was no guarantee; there was only hope and believing in a miracle. And there was a miracle. In two weeks, the owners came after their puppy and he went out to meet them – his movements were still loose, but he was walking! He was recovering very quickly and in several months it was impossible even to imagine that there had been something wrong with this strong and lively boy. After that event I got interested in zoomassage and the more I studied it, the more confident I became that every owner has to know at least its basics. Even if your dog is young and in perfect health now, remember, that there will come the day when using your knowledge and skills in this field will prolong the life of your pet or, at least, will improve its quality.